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Participating in the Life of Our Church Plant

When it comes to being part of a church plant, the challenge can also be the blessing. At this stage of our development, we are still growing many of the ministries that other congregations have. We are still meeting in a home on Sunday mornings (although we hope to soon have a meeting space). While children and youth ministry is important to us, we do not yet have this piece in place. Not having these components in place can be challenging at times. However, the challenge can also be the blessing. We are able to build our ministries from scratch and hear from God the healthiest way to set them up. All of our team members have a say in how our congregation grows and everyone plays a vital role. We are practicing Christianity at its simplest level and it is beautiful. 

If the challenge and blessing of a church plant appeals to you, please use the "contact us" form below to reach out. If you would like to connect to our community, take a look at our Facebook page. We regularly offer small groups and participating in one is a great way to get a feel for our faith community. Another way to get involved is to make a financial donation. Giving to the church plant is a tangible way to support what God is doing. Lastly, you can subscribe to our e-newsletter below. For those who are not directly involved with the church plant, the newsletter is the best way to stay informed. 

We hope you participate in the life of GC Steele Creek. There is a place for you.

Stay informed and connected

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