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About Us

We are a multiethnic and multi-generational group of ordinary miracles following Christ together. We are the result of a merger between a church plant and an existing congregation, and we are being formed by God into something  new and beautiful. Building upon the core values of belonging, celebration, justice, truth, and unity, we want to grow to be like Jesus, individually and collectively, and be a tangible blessing to our neighbors. 

Who We Are

We are regular people just like you. We are beautifully flawed and doing our best to figure things out. We have been convinced that Jesus Christ is worth following and we have chosen to follow him together. In him, we have found the answers to life's questions.


It is the primary goal of GC Steele Creek to resemble and reflect Jesus Christ in all that we do. Therefore, we deeply explore scripture and try to practically apply what God reveals to us. We build authentic relationships with our neighbors, asking for nothing in return and without a hidden agenda. We strive to be a blessing to the Steele Creek community by actively participating in the life of our neighborhood.  Take a look at our Facebook feed to see how we are trying to live out these ideals.

GC Steele Creek is still growing and developing. We aim to officially launch our congregation in September 2024, however we welcome anyone who would like to get involved now. 

GC Steele Creek is part of the denomination Grace Communion International (GCI). Please visit the GCI website to read our statement of beliefs

Please click here if you cannot see our Facebook feed. You will be taken directly to our Facebook page.

Core Values

The following core values are reflected in everything that we do.

  • BELONGING: We will make every effort to ensure that the people we encounter feel seen, valued, and like there is a place for them.

  • CELEBRATION: We love to have fun and intentionally take pleasure in our time with God and each other because it is important to enjoy the journey. 

  • JUSTICE: Cornel West said, "Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public." We actively stand up for the humanity of all of our neighbors and seek restoration when our neighbor is harmed.

  • TRUTH: At every level of the congregation God is building, we strive to be honest, transparent, and operate with integrity.

  • UNITY: We live as a loving family across cultural and systemic barriers and value our diversity. We lean into discomfort when necessary so together we can learn the way of peace.

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