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Fundraising update: More than Halfway there!

The Southeast Region of GCI has been very generous, providing funding for the church plant through the end of 2023. In order to support its ministry and continued growth, the Charlotte church plant has set a goal of raising $36,000 by the end of 2023 and sustain that level of fundraising for the next two subsequent years. By the end of three years, the church plant should be self-sustaining.

Why will it take several years to become self-sustaining? The church plant is targeting people who do not yet know that they are connected to Jesus, and Christians who have received little to no instruction on how to follow Christ. In other words, we are, by the Spirit, looking to make new disciples. New disciples typically do not regularly give to their congregation, at first. Some may need time to grow in their trust for the congregation. Some may not have the resources to give. For the most part, new believers need to learn that giving is an act of worship to God and a way of supporting the work of Jesus Christ locally. It is a discipleship issue, which is why it sometimes takes time for new believers to become regular givers.

At the writing of this newsletter, the church plant has raised over $19,000 towards its goal. We are humbled and blessed by the generosity of the people of God. We have made great progress so far, but we still have a ways to go in order to meet our goal. Please consider making a donation to the church plant. Your support goes directly towards serving our neighbors in Charlotte and spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ. Please contact us for more information and click here to make a donation. With your help, we know our fundraising efforts will be successful.

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