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The Transfiguration

This Sunday, we will be celebrating the Transfiguration — the moment where Jesus’ divine nature was more easily seen. When Jesus was transfigured, the Bible says he shone like the sun (Mark 9:2-9). When I (Pastor Dishon) went to Israel, I was blessed to see the Mount of Transfiguration. In the US, when we think of a mountain, we tend to think about the Rockies or something snow-capped. As you can see from the picture above, the “mount” is more like a hill. When I saw it, my imagination started to work. I imagine that Jesus’ transfiguration must have been easily seen by those in the surrounding area. Even if Jesus’ divine transformation was covered by a cloud, having a cloud descend on a hill would have likely been an odd occurrence. One way or another, I believe Jesus’ transfiguration would have been noticed by those near the event. They may not have known what was happening but they knew something was happening. I think there is something we can learn from this. The revelation that Jesus is Lord and God was not meant to be kept a secret. The most dramatic revealing of Jesus as God took place on a hill for all to see. It makes me wonder if I am bearing witness to the fact that Jesus is Lord to my neighbors. Am I living the kind of life where people will ask the kind of questions that will give me an opportunity to declare that Jesus is everything? When others look at me, do they see that something is happening, even if they do not know what it is? It is my deep desire to see Jesus revealed to those around me. While this is the work of the Holy Spirit, we are invited to participate in the work of making Jesus known. I hope this Transfiguration Sunday is a reminder that Jesus is divine and our neighbors should know this life-changing truth.

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