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The Plant is Growing Leaders

Grace Communion International’s (GCIs) vision of Healthy Church includes the principle of Team Based—Pastor Led. While the pastor is expected to lead the congregation, he or she should follow Christ’s example and engage, equip, empower, and encourage a team of leaders to serve the congregation. In particular, each GCI congregation is encouraged to have a Faith, Hope, and Love Avenue Champion. The Faith Avenue is our way of talking about discipleship and leader development. The Hope Avenue refers to the Sunday worship gathering and the keeping of the worship calendar. The Love Avenue includes our efforts to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors, bearing witness to the kingdom of God with words and demonstrations. Each Avenue represents a major purpose of the church and a champion coordinates the congregation’s efforts in that particular area.

On Sunday, April 16, the church plant took an important step in its development by commissioning its Avenue Champions. Each of the three leaders was chosen after a season of individual and collective discernment. It was clear to the entire church plant team that the new champions were equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve in their respective roles. Michelle Fleming will serve as the champion of the Hope Avenue and Stacey Meade will head up the Love Avenue. Afrika Afeni Mills will lead the Faith Avenue. We praise God for putting in place such capable leaders and we invite you to hold Michelle, Stacey, and Afrika in prayer for the journey ahead.

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